The Skilltower Institute misson:
The Skilltower Institute Mission

EMPOWER YOU to successfully NAVIGATE the FUTURE of game-changing-technologies (GamChaTec™) so you can IMPROVE OUR WORLD

My name is Joerg Osarek. For over 25 years I have been making my customers more successful through technology and business projects. I consider myself as your "Business Navigator for Game Changing Technologies" (GamChaTec™). To deliver my mission of empowering you and other customers, I founded the Skilltower Institute in 2003 (first called Skilltower Training and Coaching). I also co-founded the its-people consulting group and Gordon’s Arcade. Since then I had the privilege to empower many customers with excellent business partners in a lot of amazing projects, inspire them by keynotes or by the books I wrote.


GamChaTec™: empower you to prosper with Game changing Technologies

Out of more and more interconnecting major Q-GRINS* game changing technologies I focus on those following in depth (*Q-GRINS=Quantum physics, Genetics, Robotics, Information technology, Nanotechnology, Space technology)

Climate positive business

  • I am convinced: we have to turn around our entire economy and civilization from 2020 to 2030 - which is a heroic act - or we will face the collapse of our civilization. The good news is: a) we can do it. b) it will be way better than today.
  • Back in the 1990s we already strived for a more ecological approach. Yet the following years were skilled in persuading me we had more time.
  • Since spring 2019 I realized how urgent and critical our situation on the planet really is and consequently focused on turning my business climate positive which I am since summer 2019.
  • I partnered with Entrepreneurs for Future and took several active steps to help people and organizations to transform their business to climate positive as well.
  • As I am grateful to being blessed with business skills as well as extraordinary creativity I find exceptional approaches to transform also your enterprise to a profitable climate positive business which will be your competitive advantage in the coming decades. Have a look at SOLAREZEP - Emission free passenger air cruise built following the cradle-to-cradle-principle - my contribution to the changemaker challenge of Lufthansa Innovation Hub in October 2019.

Level up to superhero in six simple steps™

  • Many progressive approaches focus on new technology to get a competitive advantage. Yet they lack one - the most important - component.
  • The growth of character to get power and responsibility into balance again.
  • This is where I focus on because only this way - with tremendeous growth in character - we will be able to manage the challenges of the coming decades successfully. Over the past years I developed a simple formula how to master (y)our destiny and qualify for the 22nd century.
  • This is the subject of my new book which will be released in 2020.
  • See:

Mixed Reality (including VR/AR/MR)

  • In 1998 I had the privilege to inspire a professional audience with the creation of my first dynamic enterprise VR world. 3D virtual worlds are my passion which I intensely follow again since 2012.
  • Today the Mixed Reality Platform is created by all major technology players (Apple, Alphabet (Google), Microsoft, Amazon, Facebook, Alibaba Group) Not because it is hip but because they understand that the Mixed-Reality-Platform will be the next user interface and have as much impact as once graphical user interfaces (GUI) and the WWW had. I call this interface USEMIR (Ubiquitous SEnsory MIxed Reality). Check out the Skilltower Institute Mixed Reality Whitepaper in English or German
  • Customers value my dedication for their mixed reality tech-projects and their business projects. I am grateful for the feedback of my audience about my keynotes, books and trainings. Frequently I partner with excellent trusted professionals to increase the benefit of project results for customers.
  • I invite you to check out some personal key publications: Book: Virtual Reality Analytics 2016, Book: The cinematic VR formula 2017 and the Volumetric-Video-Update 2018)

Artificial Intelligence (AI/ML)

  • Artificial Intelligence increasingly goes hand in hand with mixed reality as it does with many other disciplines.
  • Since 2011 I actively hooked into Machine Learning (ML) with neural networks creating distributed AI architectures.
  • Now in the stage of utility AIs that are used by many industries changing the rules around the globe I focus on using AI tech to leapfrog your business or project.
  • Let me give you an example of the potential: For a business partner I had the opportunity to prototype AI-based-delivery-process-innovations that led to a cost reduction of roughly 90 % for this process thus giving his international company a huge advantage in a quite competitive industry.
  • An excellent introduction in this shifting game is the 2018 book of Kai-Fu Lee: AI Superpowers: China, Silicon Valley, and the New World Order

Are you on course? The Q22C-Navigator helps you to master the Critical Success Factors of your GamChaTec™ Future

You are the captain and set the goals. I help you navigate by…

How my story helps you to navigate the future

"A good hockey player plays where the puck is. A great hockey player plays where the puck is going to be."
Wayne Gretzky

There was a key moment for me in 1982. I was 12 years old. The movie Tron inspired me: A person inside a computer in a virtual world and thinking programs all in beautiful 3D graphics. Wow! Amazing. I was interested in the science behind the science fiction. I asked myself: "How can I build something like this?". I always had an intuitive approach to technology, began to explore the future (where the puck would be) and have been programming and telling others about it since 1984. But people didn't understand me because I was too far ahead of the present.

My 1989 article on computer viruses was interesting for some computer users at Hewlett Packard where I was an apprentice, but not for the masses. This subject has now resulted in an incredible industry, an IT healthcare system, on which our overall economic success depends. But I was too early.

In 1998, I built my first enterprise virtual reality world at Oracle, dynamically generated from a database. My article: "VRML - The Future of the Internet" was groundbreaking, but too early for the mass market. Virtual Reality fell into a slumber until the 2012 Kickstarter success of Oculus and the subsequent $2.3 billion purchase by Facebook in 2014. John Naisbitt, author of “MindSet” and “Megatrends” wrote: "Don't get so far in front of the parade that no one knows you're in the parade." That was exactly how I felt. I had a challenging time realizing that hardly anyone saw what I saw. A customer once said to me, "You think way too far." I thought it was more foresighted. But as we all heard, the customer is right.

And so it went with many other topics. E.g. 2010 Cloud Computing, 2011 Organic (Autonomous) Computing and Artificial Intelligence. I noticed then that I always was some years ahead of the mainstream (YAM - Years Ahead of Mainstream). But since 2011 more and more people began to understand me as they felt the slipstream of the digital transformation affecting their companies and their lives.

And then, between 2015 and 2018, two fascinating things happened. First, as Virtual Reality evolved towards Mixed Reality, more and more real use cases with Artificial Intelligence/AI/Machine Learning emerged in the discipline of mixed reality. Industry giants such as graphics card manufacturer Nvidia integrated machine learning into their GPUs (Graphical Processing Units). Mixed reality and artificial intelligence began to merge, a prerequisite for autonomous driving and many other applications. Secondly, artificial intelligence was suddenly discussed in the mass media because of its suitability for widespread use. Several university studies predicted that in the near future significantly more jobs in all areas could be replaced by AI than new ones would emerge somewhere else. I conducted an own business innovation feasibility test with a business partner with proven 90% cost savings by using advanced AI technologies which confirmed this. Eventually customers arrived exactly at the point I had prepared for many years. And they asked for help and support with merging technologies and evolving business cases I had specialized in. The world had caught up with me. I was in the parade again.

Artificial intelligence learns from mass data (keywords Big Data, Data Lake). Sensory Mixed Reality makes this data available. The result is exactly what I discussed in 2015 as USEMIR - more than Mixed Reality: Ubiquitous SEnsory MIxed REality = MR + Sensor Technology + AI + Ability to Act and Interact.

Meanwhile during the technology-slumber-periods mentioned above I have researched many other success factors. What I learned was how important the "inner game" is in IT and business: soft skills, emotions, values and culture. Having started as an industrial clerk, I learned the craft of company management as CEO with a good mentor for 4 years and thus widened my field of view. I read many excellent books, listened to competent visionaries and gradually developed a perception for the interdisciplinary interrelationships that determine our future economic and social success. Those aspects where some people mentioned I would think “way too far” have now become critical factors of success in our complex 21st century, in which all these technologies grow together and merge symbiotically with each other and with us. All this fell into place to answer the question, where the puck will be in the near future.

There was also a surprise to me in this development. With some of the success factors we have to think further and more complex than before. A supplementary part - the second mainstay, so to speak - springs from common sense, down-to-earth thinking and classic values and virtues. Only when we bring these two components together will we be able to create a long balancing pole with which we can master the tightrope act into the future. By structuring these success factors, we can answer important core questions: What reason are we doing this for? Where do we want the journey to take us? How do we get there safely and what adventures do we have to prepare for on the way? In short: Where will the puck be and how do we navigate the future to get there? If you want to improve the chances of success for your business or project, I would be happy if this structure which I call the GamChaTec™-Navigator could help you.

YAM Track Record – trends I explored ahead of mainstream

Always some Years Ahead of Mainstream = YAM

Check out my full list of publications.

Reference customers and example projects

Reference customers include

  • Deka Bank, Sparkassen-Finanzgruppe
  • Deutsche Bahn
  • Deutsche Bundesbank
  • Deutsche Lufthansa
  • Deutsche Post
  • Deutsche Telekom
  • Leipziger Messe
  • Lufthansa Cargo
  • Haufe-Lexware Mediengruppe
  • Hewlett Packard
  • Oracle
  • Tupperware
  • Vodafone

Some projects (not aligned to those customers) include

  • Virtual and Mixed Reality in professional Learning Environments for a leading company in the training industry
  • Automated Mesh reduction from CAD models to VR/MR ready assets for a large-scale-industry leader
  • Online course “Virtual Reality Business Model Creation” on
  • Virtual Reality Shopping World – technical enterprise architecture demonstrator
  • Several Virtual Reality Analytics Showcases, proofs of concepts and trainings
  • AI based neural autopilot competing against human pilots
  • AI based translation business processes in book translations (proof of concept for business feasibility)

Customer testimonials

Hello Mr. Osarek, for your committed and active participation in the VR/AR Excellence Days in Hamburg, we would like to take this opportunity to thank you once again. The response we received to our event was consistently positive. From conversations with the congress participants on site, you have certainly already noticed that your presentation was very interesting and informative - so you also made a considerable contribution to the success of this congress.
Alisa Voss, Event Manager, Management Forum of Verlagsgruppe Handelsblatt GmbH

Thank you Mr.Osarek. There is not much VR and AR course in Udemy. Only gaming part. Your business model examples inspired me. Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge. From Korea next to Japan (power of AR tech in Asia) :)
Ekei, Student of my Udemy class: "Virtual Reality Business Model Creation"

I really liked your presentation yesterday evening at the Economic Council (Wirtschaftsrat). The topic also helps to reopen the focus in the current discussions.
Dipl.-Ing. Reinhard A. Wolters, Urban and Spatial Planner (Stadt- und Raumplaner)

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